Korean Society of Human Brain Mapping

South Korea



The Korea Chapter will hold annual conferences for the Korean brain imaging community, and organizing academic workshops and educational courses on human brain mapping techniques to advance developments in brain mapping research in Korea. The chapter will facilitate multidisciplinary studies through the dissemination of novel imaging methods of image acquisition and analysis, by promoting close cooperation between basic science and clinical practice, and by fostering communication and corporation between the Korean brain imaging community and international researchers. These chapter activities will be a continuation and expansion of events that have been promoted for the past 13 years by the Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping (https://khbm.org/). Such local activities will be scheduled in the Spring and Fall to coordinate them with the OHBM annual meeting.


Seong-Gi Kim - Chair
Yong Jeong - Secretary
Joon-Kyung Seong - Treasurer



There are currently no future events.


There are currently no past events.