Glass Brain Award

The Organization for Human Brain Mapping has established an award to recognize lifetime achievement by leading researchers using or facilitating neuroimaging to discover original and influential findings regarding the organization and function of the human brain.

Award Criteria

  1. Nominee must have been visibly engaged in OHBM activities
  2. Nominee must have evidence of extraordinary lifetime accomplishments in the field of human brain mapping
  3. The nominee must be over the age of 40
  4. The nominee must be present to accept the award given out at the Annual Meeting.
  5. No self-nominations are allowed.
  6. Please note: Current OHBM elected leadership are ineligible to receive OHBM Awards. 


  1. 1 nomination letter no more than two pages.

Thank you for your nomination! Submissions have closed for OHBM 2024. Award winners will be notified in March and announced at the Annual Meeting.

Questions? Please direct them to the OHBM Executive Office at

Past Glass Brain recipients include:

2024: Seoul, Korea
Vince Calhoun, United States

2023: Montreal, Canada
Michael Petrides, United States

2022: Glasgow, Scotland
Deanna Barch, United States

2021: OHBM Virtual II
Peter T. Fox, United States

2020: OHBM Virtual I
Leslie Ungerleider, United States

2019: Rome, Italy
Alan Evans, Canada

2018: Singapore, Singapore
Susan Y. Bookheimer, United States

2017: Vancouver, Canada
David Van Essen, United States

2016:  Geneva, Switzerland
Karl Friston, United Kingdom

2015: Honolulu, United States
Marcus E. Raichle, United States

2014: Hamburg, Germany
Karl Zilles, Germany