OHBM Journal

Aperture is a new open-access publishing platform powered by the Organization for Human Brain Mapping. Aperture was created to provide a platform for members of the neuroscience and brain mapping communities to share and promote their research. The focus of Aperture is broad, encompassing traditionally published material such as original research reports, reviews, tutorials, and educational materials, but also extending to incorporate computational notebooks, interactive plots, software, data, and post-publication peer-review to create living, reusable, reproducible innovative Research Objects.

Aperture will feature high-standard, peer-reviewed works of significance in all areas of brain mapping, including those at the interface of other disciplines, with the goal of elevating research standards that help advance the understanding of the anatomical and functional organization of the human brain using neuroimaging.

For more information on Aperture’s launch, editorial board, and submission information, visit the Aperture Website


Industry Journals

NeuroImage is an open-access journal that provides a vehicle for communicating important advances in the use of neuroimaging to study structure-function and brain-behavior relationships. The journal publishes original research articles, papers on methods, models of brain function, as well as positions on contentious issues.

Human Brain Mapping is a fully open-access journal that publishes peer-reviewed basic, clinical, technical, and theoretical research in the interdisciplinary and rapidly expanding field of human brain mapping. The journal features research derived from non-invasive brain imaging modalities used to explore the spatial and temporal organization of the neural systems supporting human behavior. Human Brain Mapping publishes a wide variety of article formats including Research Articles, Review Articles, Clinical Case Studies, and Technique, as well as Technological Developments, Theoretical Articles, and Synthetic Reviews. The journal endorses the propagation of methodological standards and encourages database development in the field of human brain mapping.